Cinnamon-Toasty with freshly ground                                         Freesia-Fresh and semi-sweet floral - 
 essence -Warm Scent Increase Mental Alertness.
                       Beautiful & Calming.

Fresh Laundry-A light and fresh                                                          Grapefruit-Natural fresh citrusscent with a soft, powder bass note.                                                                   scent - Invigorating & Alert.

Lemon - Fresh squeezed                                                                                Lavender -Apples & a touch of Oak – sparkling essence of real lemon                                                                  Tranquility.
- Mental Alertness. 

Mango-Sweet and juicy                                                                                   Ocean Breeze-The spa like fresh festive  bounce- Happy Energy.                                                                       with a winds of the ocean - Calming.


Raspberry-Freshly picked                                                                              Vanilla Cream-Vanilla aroma - Relaxing.
sweet berry aroma- Well Being.                                                                                                                                          



White Tea-Fresh and lively                                                                                  Red Delicious Apple- The fresh & 
 with a hint of light floral-                                                                                      crisp scent of juicy red apple-
 Stress Relief.                                                                                                            Pleasant & Well Being.

and more…

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While our air fresheners are V.O.C. compliant and made form natural ingredients, some LEED buildings need a Certified Green product.

Therefore we stock some specialty products that have been "certified green" by a third party, Enviro Kleen.

 Please tell us if this certification is a specific requirement for your project.

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