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The Power Saver reduces the power drawn for operation of electrical devices by:

  • Utilizing capacitors to store electricity that would otherwise be lost. Stored electricity is then released when needed. This technology allows use of power that would normally be lost and decreases power demands.
  • Locating and eliminating inefficiencies in your electrical delivery system.
  • Incorporating technology that reduces waste of the electricity you have purchased.

The Power Saver fitted to your electrical service can save you a significant amount of money.

This holds true whether you are a business owner or a home owner. The Power Saver can also help you to enjoy a greener lifestyle. As responsible business owners, we are interested in lowering our carbon footprint. As homeowners the same applies to us. This device is available to you in multiple sizes so that it will fit into any environment, from residential, to small business, to commercial settings.

If you’re interested in learning just a little more about how the Power Saver works, or perhaps taking advantage of this new technology to save money in your household or business environment, the demo preview of the device can give you more information. Your Energy Solution Products consultant will be helpful in determining if the power saving device can benefit you.

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