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Understanding different types of purification: There are essentially two ways to purify air – active and passive. Passive purification uses traditional methods ranging from simple open weave furnace filters to extremely restrictive HEPA filtration designed to help control things like pet dander and dust. Activated carbon may be also be added to filters for odor reduction. Active purification may include both high intensity UV light to reduce biological contaminants and odor-causing bacteria, and ionization technology for controlling particles and tobacco smoke. Many air purification systems use variations and combinations of these technologies to increase their effectiveness in certain situations. The main thing to remember is that passive purification works on the air passing through the machine while active purification works out in the living environment. Try to pick the right combination for your lifestyle.

RCI Cell FreshAir


Remote control for FreshAir

Lint screen for use with FreshAir Surround (2.1)

EcoHelp FIlter for Classic Air purifier (7in. x 6.5in. x 2.5in.) XL15  


Single Ozone

FreshAir Hepa (Gemini) Remote control for the operation of the FreshAir Heap Unit
FreshAir HEPA (Gemini) Annual Maintenance Pack Pack includes:1 Pre filter 1 Hepa 2 UV bulbs

12 Pack Optional Pre Filter