Scent*Blaster Choose your color:
Each added Square                 Aroma Beam :
Almond, Gray, Black or White                 Increases aroma strength.           Scent blower for large areas.
              Add as needed.                  for Homes & Businesses quiet   
                                                                                                                 and powerful fan motor.

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Create an ambient scent for your business or home with the air freshener machine and scent of your choice. We are a premiere air scent marketing company for your business or home. Unlike our competitors, our specialty scents not only enhance the atmosphere, but also contain  a patented odor neutralizer which eliminates foul or stale odors...
No aerosols or sprays!

Our natural air fresheners are made from the finest essential oils and plant based materials.

GoSmart Solution  

Air Fresheners

Complete Air Freshening Solutions for the profissional Cleaning Industry